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Pablo teams up with Mister Donut for a cheesy collaboration

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

One of the trendier arrivals on Japan’s sweets scene over the past few years is Pablo, an Osaka chain that bakes sweet cheese tarts. Now, the still-expanding company has teamed up with Mister Donut to bring the “rare cheese” taste to the masses.

The result is a line of doughnuts and cheese tarts available in Mister Donut outlets across the country. There are six types available, ranging from Pablo’s takes on Mister Donut’s old-fashioned and ring doughnuts (¥151), fruit doughnuts with a rarecheese taste (¥183) and cheese tarts with various toppings (¥216).

The ring doughnuts have a rare cheese coating that tastes pretty bland and the roughness of the Mister Donut style detracts from what should be a soft treat. Skip these and go for the fruit flavors. The strawberry Pon de Rare Cheese and the apricot cheese tart, in particular, nail the balance between cheese and fruit flavors and make the whole endeavor worth your while.