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Grab a cookie (or five) to share at Tokyo Station's Country Ma'am Tea House

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Country Ma’am Tea House isn’t what you’d expect from the name alone. This pop-up store in Tokyo Station does not, in fact, offer any tea, or even space to sit and drink a beverage smuggled in. All it sells are special edition varieties of the long-running Country Ma’am biscuit.

Available until Sept. 3, these limited-time treats are worth grabbing if you find yourself with time to kill before a train transfer. Offerings include a summer-appropriate mint chocolate cookie (¥1,080 for 16) and a chocolate chunk tart (¥1,296 for five). The main attraction, though, is a special cookie that sandwiches your choice of vanilla or cocoa cream between two Country Ma’am biscuits (¥918 for five).

These treats offer a slightly more upmarket version of the typical Country Ma’am eating experience. Which is to say, they are serviceable biscuits with a little extra sweetness, but not much more. As a stand-alone snack, call them OK but not worth a dedicated trip. But, as small souvenirs picked up during a transfer at Tokyo Station, they’re just special enough to impress.