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Mister Donut's Christmas Big Donut: A Christmas cake that won't break the bank

Christmas cakes have been a longstanding favorite in Japan. Although often overshadowed by fried chicken, these sweet delights are every bit a staple of what constitutes Christmas in the country. Naturally, big chains want to get in on the action. Entering the fray in 2017 — Mister Donut.

The nationwide doughnut peddler rolled out the clunkily titled Christmas Big Donut at the end of November, and has made it available until Dec. 25. Despite the name, this creation has more in common with a cake, complete with whipped cream in the center and a layer of chestnut frosting on top. The substantial offering (¥756) even comes with six of Mister Donut’s doughnut-hole-size Donut Pops on top.

First off, don’t challenge this dessert by yourself. Slice it up and call a friend or two over to help.

As long as you don’t gorge on one on your tod, it’s pretty tasty, as far as something from Mister Donut goes. The mix of chestnut and whipped cream makes for a sweet combination, while the doughnut balls on top, in three flavors, help mix the taste up further.

If you need a reliable Christmas cake that won’t break the bank, don’t shy away from Mister Donut.

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