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Popular manga “One Piece” will become a live-action TV drama through a collaboration with a Hollywood production team, according to the firm that publishes the series.

The partner for the live-action drama will be Tomorrow Studios headed by Marty Adelstein, known for his work as executive producer of mega-hit drama series “Prison Break.”

Adelstein said in a written statement July 21 that he has been a fan of “One Piece” for 20 years and is honored that Shueisha Inc., which runs the manga in its weekly Shonen Jump, and Eiichiro Oda, the author of “One Piece,” entrusted his studio to create the live-action drama.

He added that the production costs may set a new record for a TV drama series.

Details of the project, which will be run by Shueisha, Oda and Tomorrow Studios, are yet to be confirmed, including how much the production will cost, which broadcaster will air the show and when it will be broadcast.

The announcement came as one of the most popular manga titles in Japan was set to mark the 20th anniversary on July 22 since it debuted in the Shonen Jump magazine.

“There have been offers from various directions about live-action before but they did not really get settled for a number of reasons,” said Hiroyuki Nakano, editor in chief of Shonen Jump magazine, at a news conference in Tokyo.

“This time, it’s finally come to the point where we can make an announcement. This means that we consider the project this time to have exceeded our expectations … so please look forward to it,” he said.

Oda said in a written message that his one condition for making a drama show is that “it never lets down the fans that have been supporting the series for 20 years.”

The offer was made about three years ago, according to Oda.

Over 350 million copies of his comics have been published in Japan, and 66 million overseas.

First published in The Japan Times on July 21.

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One-minute chat about manga.


Collect words related to dramas, e.g., TV, story, hero.

New words

1) entrust: to assign the responsibility, e.g., “They entrusted me with the new project.”

2) air: to broadcast, e.g., “The radio will air a special program today to commemorate the event.”

3) exceed: to go beyond, e.g., “My score exceeded the target by far.”

Guess the headline

Popular m _ _ _ _ ‘One Piece’ to be remade into live -a_ _ _ _ _ TV drama


1) Who would be the producer of the TV drama mentioned in the article?

2) What does the author say is important for him when his manga series becomes a live- action drama?

3) How many copies of the original manga have been sold so far?

Let’s discuss the article

1) Do you watch TV dramas? If so, what is your favorite one?

2) How do you feel about your favorite manga or book being adapted into a live-action TV drama?

3)What do you think is needed in turning a manga into a live-action drama?


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