Stylish umbrella brand

Moonbat Co., which sells umbrellas, scarves and other fashion items, recently launched an online shop to showcase their high-quality goods.

Some of their best items can be found under the company’s original Tsukisou line.

Tsukisou was created in celebration of Moonbat’s 130th anniversary. The line features hats, scarves and umbrellas made using techniques handed down from past generations and fine materials to make stunning silhouettes. Tsukisou boasts an excellent lineup of made-in-Japan items created with precision.

Moonbat’s products are fashionable and succeed in combining refined design with class. Among them, popular items include umbrellas with original lace trim and scarves made from Japanese hemp in a wide variety of colors.

Items under the Tsukisou brand make ideal gifts for Mother’s Day and other special occasions, and the collection of chic and fashionable goods offers excellent souvenirs to bring home from Japan.

For more information, see shop.moonbat.co.jp/ec.