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Tokyo 2020 Olympics organizers on Friday unveiled a shortlist of four replacement logos after the original design was scrapped last September amid accusations of plagiarism.

The Tokyo 2020 Logo Selection Committee chose the four candidates from almost 15,000 entries in a competition open to any resident of Japan over the age of 18.

“This time, we wanted as many people as possible to participate, and we received entries from people of all different ages, nationalities and occupations,” said Logo Selection Committee Chairman Ryohei Miyata.

Members of the public will now have until April 17 to voice their opinion online or by postcard. The committee will take these into account before it votes on which design to present to the Tokyo 2020 board on April 25. The winner will be decided the same day.

The four designs range from an indigo-and-white checkered circle to “a morning glory flower as it faces the heavens to greet the new morning.”

The competition was launched last October after the original logo by designer Kenjiro Sano unveiled last July was axed. Claims of plagiarism by the designer of a Belgian theater logo led to a slew of further allegations against Sano’s work.

The Logo Selection Committee — which met 14 times — chose the four candidates in January before adopting a series of copyright checks to avoid a repeat of last year’s debacle.

“In order to create an emblem that is loved and that sends a message to the world, the process had to be about participation and transparency,” said Miyata, who said the committee does not know the identity of any of the entrants.

The designer of the successful logo will be awarded ¥1 million and a ticket to the opening ceremonies of both the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

“Giving one’s opinion is another way for people to participate,” said Miyata. “All of these are wonderful designs and I think we will receive a diverse range of comments. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.”

First published in The Japan Times on April 9.

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1) accusation: a claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong; e.g., “Do you have evidence to back up that accusation?”

2) allegation: a claim or statement, often made without proof; e.g., “He has faced allegations of cheating.”

3) debacle: a complete failure; e.g., “Hopefully they have learned their lesson from that debacle.”

4) transparency: the state of being easy to see through; e.g., “To regain trust, the government needs to work on its transparency.”

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Japan unveils final f_ _ _ candidates for Tokyo 2020 O_ _ _ _ _ _ _ logo


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