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Oktoberfest comes early with Munchner Dunkel at Seven-Eleven

by Patrick ST. Michel

Those living in Japan know that when it comes to Oktoberfest, dates aren’t much of a consideration. Past Oktoberfests have run anywhere between April and October.

If April can’t come soon enough, though, Seven-Eleven has you covered. The konbini (convenience store) is the only place to purchase Sapporo Beer’s latest limited-run brew, the German-style Munchner Dunkel (¥235 for 350 ml, ¥311 for 500 ml).

It’s of the darker variety, with a very hoppy taste compared to other konbini options. Craft beer fans shouldn’t expect anything too revelatory here as it still pales in comparison with what is sold at bars. But as far as konbini drinks go, the Munchner Dunkel is one of this winter’s best new releases.

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