Google Glass is the latest mobile Internet gadget to grab headlines. Resembling a pair of glasses, the futuristic device enables wearers to access the Internet — in particular Google's search, maps and translation functions — as long as they have a Wifi or Bluetooth connection. The mini computer screen that appears in a user's direct field of view is combined with a camera/microphone making it easy to record all the information around you.

While the idea of a pair of glasses that contain a video display, camera and microphone is not an original one, Google's device adds Internet connectivity to the equation.

For the past year or so Google employees — most publicly cofounder Sergey Brin — have been toying with Glass, and in February the device was released for sale to a few thousand selected developers. Reports by these so-called Explorers are now proving popular on the Net, tickling the fancy of eager early-adopters.