On July 1, Rakuten Inc. CEO Hiroshi Mikitani published a book about his company's so-called Englishnization project titled "Takaga Eigo!" (「たかが英語!」"It's only English") to coincide with the the start of the company's eigo kōyōgoka (英語公用語化, making English the official language). The formal English name of the book is "Englishnization."

Since the Internet shopping-mall operator announced its eigo kōyōgoka project in May 2010, it began to introduce English-language internal emails, documents and cafeteria menus, and also held shanai kaigi (社内会議, internal meetings) in English — even when meeting participants were all Japanese.

From July 1, however, the Englishnization of all company meetings, documents and other communications became mandatory.