Dinosaurs walking the earth once more


A full-length model of the skeletal structure of the seismosaurus will make its world debut at “The Greatest Dinosaur Expo 2002” to be held this summer at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

The 35-meter-long model, carefully constructed in Canada over a period of two years, is no doubt the centerpiece of the exhibition, but the skeletal structures of around 40 dinosaurs will also be showcased. These include a range of dinosaurs, including the allosaurus, gastonia and stegosaurus, excavated mainly in Niger, Africa and South America.

Other highlights include models of a mamenchisaurus and a diplodocus more than 20 meters long. The fossil of one dinosaur found in China that has traces of feathers similar to those of birds will be displayed alongside the fossil of a bird believed to be closely related.

The famous excavation site at Howe Quarry, Wyo., is re-created via computer graphics. This exhibit explores, among other things, the flora of the age of dinosaurs, how the huge creatures were able to maintain their body size and why they became extinct.

Another display describes how much dinosaurs ate, how the plants surrounding them grew and the actual weight of the dinosaurs (which can be calculated from the bones).

The exhibition will also feature a special zone where visitors can experience the process of excavating fossils from bedrock using electric drills and chisels, and cleaning them with brushes.