"To me, the U.S. and Japan are fascinating, as they stand at polar extremes in the way their societies are organized. Philosophy, culture, history set Japan apart from other industrialized countries, especially the U.S. Having spent many years in both the U.S. and Japan, I enjoy assisting the two peoples understand each other."

Not only the expenditure of time qualifies Glen S. Fukushima for his significant role. In his studies and work, he has gained wide experiences in many different spheres in Japan and America -- academia, journalism, law, government and business. He is an energetic contributor to several important and official bodies in both countries. As president he served the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan for two successive terms. His articles appear in many publications, and his books have won prizes. He is described as one of the "25 most influential U.S. global visionaries." He is recipient of the Excellence 2000 Award from the U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

He said: "I never planned my career systematically, but I have been very fortunate in having exciting opportunities, excellent teachers, superb colleagues. And I am especially blessed in having a wonderful wife." He has always had the courage to seize opportunities as they came along. Now he is recognized for his authority and objective, sweeping overview of global events.