Continuing in our sweets-for-the-sweet mood, try the following honey and sugar baths and full-body treatments for a wakeup call to body and spirit. All of these treatments are simple, inexpensive and amazingly effective. They are also delicious. Happy sweet spring!

Honey and camellia oil skin treat

The next time you want to pamper yourself with a home spa day, try applying a mixture of honey and camellia oil to your whole body. Bathe first, then lie down (preferably in sauna or steam) and then bathe again. The treatment will moisturize and purify your skin.

Tangerine salt bath

Add a few handfuls of sea salt to a hot bath, then toss in either some powdered tangerine peel or a few whole tangerines. This bath will exert a cleansing, toning and refreshing action on your skin, and it should lift your spirits as well. No need to rinse after this bath. The sweetly tart sugars in the tangerine lend a gorgeous fragrance to the enveloping steam.

Black sugar tea bath

This bath is created by adding some very strong oolong tea to the water, along with a couple of handfuls of black sugar. The combination will tone and nourish your skin. Rinse afterward. For variations, try green tea, orange pekoe, or any kind of tea you like. Before self-tanning lotions were invented, women used to “tan” by bathing in strong black or orange pekoe tea. Unless you want a tea tan, don’t add so much tea that your bathtub looks like a swamp.

Black sugar ginger bath

A very stimulating bath, this is good if you have a cold, aching muscles, or are simply feeling tired and rundown. Be careful with ginger if you have sensitive skin — it can be irritating. To make this bath, grate ginger and squeeze through cloth to get juice. Add the ginger juice to your bath, along with some unrefined sugar. Soak and enjoy . . . then rinse.

Honey and salt exfoliant

A sweet and salty solution for rough skin that needs a polishing. After showering and while your skin is still wet, rub handfuls of this mixture over your body in gentle circular movements. Because of the grittiness of the salt, along with its natural purifying qualities, you don’t need to apply much pressure at all to get results. If your skin is very dry, add some powdered oatmeal to the honey instead of salt. Rinse well.

Honey and lemon tonic rub

This is another body rub designed to smooth away dead, rough skin cells. This one brings the benefits of vitamin C to the skin, which is useful if your skin needs a bit of help recovering from sun exposure. Just a small amount of lemon juice is mixed with honey, and the combination is rubbed onto the skin gently after showering. Rinse off well; your skin will feel fresh and wonderfully soft.

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