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'Inaugural Exhibition Emerging Artscape: The State of Our Collection'

After four years of reconstruction, the Artizon Museum, formerly the Bridgestone Museum of Art, has reopened with an exhibition of works from its extensive collection.

Divided into two sections, this inaugural show presents an overview of modern and contemporary art in Part One, and features ancient to modern art in Part Two. From the 2,800 works the museum has acquired over 65 years, 200 have been selected under the theme of "Experiencing Creativity," including 30 that are being shown to the public for the first time. Highlights include "Self-Illuminating" (1924) by Wassily Kandinsky, "Mlle Georgette Charpentier Seated" (1876) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir and "The Sun Bath (After the Bath)" (1901) by Mary Cassatt. (Yukari Tanaka)