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Musica Poetica @ Mitaka Geijutsu Bunka Center

Musica Poetica, a Tokyo-based music group specializing in the Protestant music of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) and Heinrich Schuetz (1585-1672), will present a Requiem Gathering for the Consolation of Souls on Nov. 7 in Tokyo's Mitaka, featuring mourning songs composed by Schuetz .

Schuetz died on Nov. 6, 1672 after living 87 years and 29 days, an extremely long span of life for people of those days. His compositions contain new ideas and fresh sounds not usually expected from tunes written 350 to 400 years ago, according to Yumiko Tanno, leader of the music group.

The concert is structured so that the songs will start with mourning for the death of people close to the composer and move to contemplation on the cruelty of death as described by the Bible and eventually to faith in the good news of Jesus Christ's resurrection.

The 12 songs to be sung in the concert will include "Herr, nun laessest du deinen Diener," "Auf dem Gebirge hat man ein Geschrei gehoeret," "Gedenke deiner Knecht an dein Wort," and "Ich bin Auferstehung and das Leben."

Heinrich Schuetz Chor, Tokyo, will sing the chorus part. Yutaka Oikawa (tenor), Chiyuki Urano (bass), Ikutaro Nakagawa (bass), Taro Tanno (baritone) and Yumiko Tanno (mezzo-soplano) will sing solo. The Tannos will also conduct. Organist Yuichiro Shiina will join six instrumental musicians — two violinists and four players of the sackbut, a type of trombone from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Take the No. 2, 6 or 7 bus from the south exit of JR Mitaka Station and get off at Hachiman-mae to reach the Mitaka Geijutsu Bunka Center, where the concert will be held in the Kaze no Hall.