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'Renjishi' @ Namba Parks Cinema

Kabuki can be one of the top Japanese experiences for tourists to witness during their trip. Authentic kabuki theaters are few and far between, and tickets can easily drain the bank.

Now people can easily experience the beauty of kabuki at Namba Parks Cinema, where the drama "Renjishi" ("Two Lions") will spring to life onscreen this autumn complete with English subtitles.

Watch the epic tale of father and son unfold with the extraordinary "Three Lion Dance," where handheld shishi masks are masterfully transformed into full costumes. The visual lion performance features famous actor Kanzaburo and his two sons, Kankuro and Shichinosuke, who will portray three fantastical Japanese creatures. At Namba Parks Cinema, you can catch an art form that people have enjoyed for centuries in the comfort of a movie theater.

(Kendrea Liew)