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Demokrato Artists from Kansai: Izumi Shigeru, Yamanaka Yoshikazu, Yoshida Toshitsugu and Yoshihara Hideo

In 1951, Ei-Q (1911-60), an artist, photographer and printmaker, established the Democratic Artists Association, an avant-garde group that focused on producing art based on artistic freedom. Based in three locations — Tokyo, Osaka and Miyazaki — the group originally comprised 10 artists and included painters, designers, photographers, dancers and critics. It was short-lived, however, eventually disbanding in 1957.

Focusing on prints, this exhibition features four Democratic Artists Association artists: Shigeru Izumi, Yoshikazu Yamanaka, Toshiji Yoshida and Hideo Yoshihara. Also on display are 130 donations from the Izumi family, which are being publicly shown for the first time. (Yukari Tanaka)