The most interesting thing about "I Want to Eat Your Pancreas" is its title.

Based on that title, you'd be forgiven for assuming the new anime film, an adaptation of the popular novel (and not to be confused with last year's live-action version), has something to do with organ-hungry zombies. But "Pancreas" is actually a high school quasi-romance that, depending on your tolerance for melodrama, will either leave you sniffling or wishing some zombies had shown up after all.

The tale begins when the film's unnamed male protagonist accidentally sneaks a peek at classmate Sakura's diary and learns she has a pancreatic condition that will soon take her life. Sakura, who has chosen to keep her sickness from her friends, is relieved to have found someone to share her secret with, and decides to make the protagonist her best buddy, whether he likes it or not. Though our listless hero claims not to be interested in other people, he goes along with her plan, if only because it's the path of least resistance.