Traveling the world with Group_inou and back in time with Towa Tei

by Sydney Dorner

Staff Writer



As I’m visiting Japan just now, I’m in a traveling frame of mind. So is Group_inou. In the video for “Eye,” the duo are superimposed on time-lapse shots that visit areas of Japan, Venezuela and Canada. There’s probably a few more spots in there that I don’t recognize, and when you watch it you’re in a daze but the whole thing goes by in a blur — a lot like a real vacation, except without the price of a ticket.

Towa Tei

“Luv Pandemic”

Towa Tei brings out some big guns in the video for “Luv Pandemic.” Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi join Tei — at least in screen form — as Leo Imai and Yuka Mizuhara play a heavy game of chess. The clip has a great 1960s vibe, and those of you not old enough to catch those references will still be able to get nostalgic over the “Austin Powers” feel.

@djtomoko n Ucca-laugh

“Kisu o Shite”

Ucca-laugh’s gentle tone and @djtomoko’s production sets a mellow vibe in “Kisu o Shite” (“Kiss Me”), a slow jam that’s reminiscent of 1990s American R&B. The duo’s video is a simple walk through the park charms you with a walk through the park and lovey-dovey lyrics. Yes, being forward can come off this delicate.

Sasano Maly

“Kyokankaku Obake”

Sasano Maly has worked with animators on previous videos for great results, and the video for “Kyokankaku Obake” (“Haunted Synesthesia”), with its creative puppetry, is no exception.

A lot of work must have gone into its creation and the story line builds to something of a climax around the 2½-minute mark, which also gives it a cinematic vibe



Kazu barks at you with a hip-winding mix of dubstep, dancehall and reggae influences.

As a Brooklyn native and college girl, I loved seeing the dancehall scene spun into a Project X feel. Highlighting her gutter sound you get flashes of colored lips, candy and champagne to keep it a bit classy. Kazu’s dancers also step up the girl power flow with some sassy choreography.