A lot of people were left feeling blue after Chigusa, Japan's oldest jazz cafe, closed in 2007 when the Noge district of Yokohama where it had been serving Satchmo with its coffees since 1933 fell victim to developers.

Now, though, they can kick out the jams and return to their haunt with its 3,000 jazz records, thanks to a group of long-time aficionados and locals who have succeeded in resurrecting Chigusa near to where it was originally opened in 1933 by the renowned Mamoru Yoshida, who died in 1994 aged 81.

Masataka Yusa, a regular at this mecca of jazz culture in Japan who heads the self-styled Chigusa Kai (Chigusa Association), said he is excited to have successfully resurrected the cafe whose name meaning "autumn grasses" was what the business there was called when Yoshida acquired the property.