Nine years on from the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, doubts persist as to the true nature of what took place on that fateful day in September. While there’s no shortage of conspiracy theories on just about anything these days — Colorado gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes sees even a municipal bike-sharing scheme as a communist plot that will “threaten our personal freedoms” — there’s also no question that a close look at 9/11 reveals some strange inconsistencies with the official version of events.

“Zero: An Investigation of 9/11” is an Italian documentary that interviews any number of sober, noncrackpot experts who painstakingly detail the questions they feel are unanswered. The film seeks mostly to raise doubts — primarily about how the Twin Towers could have collapsed, and what exactly hit the Pentagon — rather than resolve them, though there is a finger pointed at the United States’ own military and intelligence community.

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