Both born in April, these two beauties are best buddies and even look like they are siblings — though, they’re not. Shy Jatz came to ARK first with two other, very timid, wary kittens. The calico, Biscotti, arrived not long after.

Being the same age and size, they were all fostered in Tokyo together. Now, it’s only these two who have yet to find a home. They play together like any other pair of kittens. They’re crazy, intense and fast on their feet, but they’re not destructive and they’re very good about using their litter tray. When their batteries run down they form a “cat stack,” soft and warm, safe and comfy, the perfect way to recharge.

They’re a great match, with Biscotti being more easy-going and Jatz learning that it’s safe to warm to people who are not out to harm him, but who understand his fears and can patiently help him learn to trust. Biscotti can help lead the way and we’re hoping the two can stay together in a home of their own. MIZUHO SHIROKOSHI

Jatz and Biscotti recharge by cuddling up with one another.
Jatz and Biscotti recharge by cuddling up with one another. | MIZUHO SHIROKOSHI

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