Miko, a mackerel tabby first featured here two years ago this month, has found a new home with the Riker family in Tokyo. Flown in from Osaka, Miko was initially shy but has become quite the attention seeker, according to Brianne Riker, pictured here holding Miko between daughter Mariska and son Leo.

Sadly, the Rikers had lost their cat before the move from the U.S. to Tokyo, but Brianne says, "We had adopted all our previous pets from shelters ... so we knew we would adopt again."

Mariska even had plans to name any cat they adopted Totoro, explains Brianne, but "we decided it was too hard to say, so when we got Miko we ended up keeping her name."

Miko did, however, enjoy the alias "Mikan" for a while, which Leo (2 years old at the time) dubbed her after his favorite fruit. Miko has now warmed to the family enough to answer to any name. "She meows a lot and follows us around the house. But she still enjoys hanging out on her favorite chair in the living room or in her quiet spot ... a cat bed in the window of our bedroom."

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