Shonan: What's your favorite Korean import?

Tsubasa Masabuchi

Part-time worker, 28 (Japanese)

I like Korean TV dramas and pop music. I never watch Japanese dramas. I like Korean dramas because you don’t have to think much. My favorite Korean bands are Shojojidai and Kara.

Greg Pratt

Starbucks staff, 32 (American)

I like the food from Korea, especially bulgogi (marinated barbecued beef), but I’m not too much of a fan of K-pop and I don’t really watch TV at all.

Toshiko Tajima

Self-employed tutor, 31 (Japanese)

I like Korean food the best. There used to be a Korean restaurant near my house and I often went there and ate chijimi (vegetable pancakes) and chapchae (a sweet-potato noodle dish).

Kazuhiko Miyono

Salaryman, 48 (Japanese)

I’m not interested in any Korean cultural imports. I think yakiniku has become Japanese food and is not Korean anymore. My wife likes Korean dramas but I watch Japanese dramas.

Asuka Kobayashi

Housewife, 27 (Japanese)

My favorite Korean food is topogi (spicy rice cakes). I often go to Korean restaurants in Shin-Okubo. Korean music is nice because the dances are cute and the melodies are easy to remember.

Akira Hatsuzawa (Japanese)

Car dealership employee, 54

Korean food and dramas are best. I like to make chige (Korean stew) at home. My wife likes a Korean actor so I started watching dramas with her, and now I like them because the stories are simple.

Interviews were conducted in Kamakura and Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture. Interested in gathering views in your neighborhood? Email community@japantimes.co.jp

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