What’s the best thing about summer in Kansai?


David Ott
Teacher, 24 (American)
It’s my first summer in Japan. I like watching people wearing yukata and the fireworks and food at festivals — people-watching, and definitely a beer.

Miyuki Mizuse
Yoga instructor, 31 (Japanese)
My father grows a lot of fruit and vegetables. So in summer we enjoy barbecues with all his homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, eggplants, watermelons and peaches.

Masakazu Sakou
Junior high school teacher, 54 (Japanese)
The Nagoshi Festival in Murotsu, in the western part of Kansai, is the best. It’s exciting and primitive. Around 40 people beat drums nonstop for eight hours. It’s got great energy.

Miki Arimoto
Receptionist, 21 (Japanese)
I love the PL Festival in Osaka, which is the biggest fireworks in Kansai. I’m from a small island near Himeji, so I also like having barbecues next to the beach and jet-skiing.

Denise Margaret
Finance assistant, 60 (Australian)
I’m here on holidays. This is my first time in the Kansai area. It’s really humid but the sun is not as strong as in Australia. The rural area outside Himeji is really beautiful with all the rice paddies.