Whatever happened to the Charisma Men?


Tim Stroud
Recruiter, 29 (British)
They still exist and can be found in ¥300 bars across the city and reading the Metropolis singles ads every Friday. Also, look out for predatory teachers in eikaiwa classrooms. I sit next to one at work, too.

Corrine Banks
Teacher, 25 (Australian)
Maybe they are married and have farms somewhere. Lots of people I teach say that’s their dream. Or maybe they’re under the thumb and got dragged back to their home countries by their Japanese wives.

Ryan Baker
Student, 21 (American)
Perhaps they just changed. Maybe after a few years of living here in Japan they realized that there is more to life than stuff like anime manga.

Arisa Ishikawa
Hotel worker, 23 (Japanese)
Nothing has changed. These people still exist in places like Akihabara. Just go and look around the electrical stores and you will see odd couples out on shopping trips.

Cameron Ingpan
Student, 21 (American)
Maybe they are like cicadas. Perhaps it’s mating time, so they’ll be in the bedroom making babies for the next few years. Watch out — once the children reach school age, they’ll be back.

Pia Stahlman
Teacher, 31 (Finnish)
I’m here on holiday but I haven’t noticed Charisma Men at all. All the guys with Japanese girls tend to look American though, not that that’s a bad thing.