Should tax-paying permanent residents be allowed to vote in local polls?

by Louisa Chan

Matt Symes
Teacher, 30 (Australian)
People who have lived in Japan for many years, paid taxes and may even have raised families here should be allowed to vote on changes which benefit their lives through public policy.

Eriko Yamashita
Graphic designer, 31 (Japanese)
I think permanent residents should have the right to vote. They should be allowed to voice their opinions and have a say in what happens in their local area as it affects their quality of life.

Jason Cochrane
Student, 21 (Australian)
I think people should become citizens if they want to vote. Voting has a long-term effect. Changes permanent residents want to vote for won’t affect them once they leave the country.

Manami Hori
Student, 20 (Japanese)
I think the law is very outdated. Interracial marriages are on the increase. Many people from other countries live and work here and have Japanese children, so they should be allowed to vote.

Laura Kanerva
Nurse, 27 (Finnish)
I think if people pay tax, then they should be allowed to vote. They are paying money to the government, so they should be able to make decisions about where the money goes.

Kota Mese
Product designer, 28 (Japanese)
I think it’s wrong that only citizens are allowed to vote in Japan. It’s taxes that keep this country going. If people pay taxes here, then they should have the opportunity to vote.

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