Should teachers be punished if they don't stand up and sing the national anthem at school events?

by Louisa Chan

Nzeke Santiago, 33
Analyst (Portuguese)
They shouldn’t be punished if they don’t want to do it. In Portugal, people stand up and sing because we’re proud of our country. We’re not forced to, but we want to.

Koji Hato, 39
Designer (Japanese)
If teachers work in a public school, they must understand that it’s their duty to stand up and sing. If they don’t want to do it, they should work in private schools instead.

German Vila, 32
Admin. officer (Spanish)
Teachers should do what they want. To make them stand up and sing is a kind of brainwashing, like the government is trying to force patriotism into people’s heads.

Michelle Graham, 33
Housewife (Canadian)
I think they should follow the school rules and be good role models for the children. If they want to protest against it, they should find a different way to do it.

Itsuki Kanzaki, 30
Social worker (Japan)
I believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe that rules are important. It’s a school rule, so teachers need to obey it or face either a pay cut or suspension.

Emma Cassi, 34
Jewelry designer (U.K.)
If teachers are against the idea they shouldn’t be forced to do it. I’m from London and there’s a lot of freedom there, particularly in regard to culture and religion.