Lawmaker takes 9/11 doubts global: readers’ responses

A number of readers wrote to the Community Page in response to John Spiri’s June 17 Zeit Gist article on Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Yukihisa Fujita. Following is a selection of the responses.

Discredited theories

I was quite surprised to find John Spiri’s article about Yukihisa Fujita on the Japan Times Web site. Surprised because, despite Fujita’s credentials as a Diet member, he is simply repeating the tired intonations of completely discredited theories regarding the events of Sept. 11. Additionally, Spiri writes with a very exaggerated and outright misleading writing style, doing his best to inflate the tiny influence that a band of wingnuts has on real discourse. From its focus on asserting the “growing number of individuals,” the “many” who are “convinced” that we are not being told the truth about the Sept. 11 attacks and so on, the writing style alone makes it clear that Mr. Spiri is a sympathizer of these embarrassing claims.

Let’s take a look at what he has written in this article, and the claims of the conspiracy theorists themselves.

With regard to World Trade Center Building 7, a building located near the two main World Trade Centers, which collapsed later in the day of Sept. 11, after sustaining major damage from debris and internal fires, Spiri writes: “Between the videos showing the way it fell, and the numerous reports of explosions, many are convinced that this building was demolished.”

What reports of explosions is Spiri talking about here? If we imagine for a moment that it would even be possible to wire such a building with explosives without anyone noticing, we would have seen and heard explosive charges traveling up the building as in any standard controlled demolition. Why does Spiri ignore the overwhelming accounts of firefighters, including chief firefighter Daniel Nigro, who have said repeatedly that it was obvious the building was coming down hours before it actually did? The minority of witness accounts that claim to have heard explosions are dwarfed by the direct accounts of survivors in these buildings who heard nothing but the building collapsing around them as they raced downwards to survive. Are we really expected to believe that these explosions were so quiet?

The page “Did eyewitnesses report hearing or seeing bombs and demolitions explosives in and around the towers?” is an excellent resource that illustrates exactly what survivors experienced, and thousands of them — eyewitnesses, firefighters and rescue personnel — did not hear bombs. What does that mean for the conspiracy theory? If no bombs can be heard on any recording of any of the three buildings that collapsed that day, what leg does any conspiracy theorist have to stand on?

It would be nice if we could end things here. However, Spiri has packed his short article with Internet “research” and outright lies.

For instance, he focuses on the crashes of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pa., and Flight 77 at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Yukihisa Fujita is quoted as saying that, “I don’t think (a) 767 could have hit the Pentagon. There is no evidence of the plane itself. Almost nothing identifiable was left on the lawn or inside.”

Spiri goes on to editorialize: “The Pennsylvania crash, like the Pentagon explosion, also yielded virtually no recognizable plane parts at the crash site. Rather, small pieces of debris were found up to 10 km away. The official story — that the plane ‘vaporized’ when it hit the ground — is inconsistent with the evidence left by every other plane crash in the history of aviation.”

Both of these claims are patently false, and willingly propped up by conspiracy theorists who trust that people will not investigate their outrageous claims. Just this June for instance, Patrick Creed’s “Firefight: Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9/11” went on sale, a book that features hundreds of accounts of firefighters fighting to save people inside the Pentagon against fires inside the building sparked by the plane’s fuel. Is Yukihisa Fujita going to claim that these firefighters did not see plane debris? Is he going to call these firefighters liars? Fujita claims that no evidence of a plane was recovered at the site, but he is obviously completely ignorant on this point. Please take a look at pictures of the plane’s fuselage, wheel, diffuser, engine rotor, main gear assembly and more recovered from the Pentagon at researcher Mark Robert’s Web page here:

What is Fujita’s response to these photographs? What is Spiri’s? Answer: There will be none. They’ve already invested so much in these theories that comprehending the length to which they’ve been misled is too painful.

The fact is that both the Pentagon crash and the Flight 93 crash were quite unprecedented in modern airplane disasters simply because airliners are not often driven directly into a building or the ground at full speed! When you consider the speed at which the planes were traveling it is no surprise that there was very little which resembled a plane afterward. And yet, when the Washington Post reports that over 1,500 remains of human beings was found at this crash site ( ), is John Spiri still going to claim that somehow a plane did not crash there? Where did the passengers go? Do you understand how this pisses on the graves of the victims yet?

But hey, we all breathlessly await the outcome of Fujita and his comrades’ valiant investigations! After all, these brave men are “just asking questions,” and why should anyone take offense?

Next we are treated to the enlightened testimony of one Akira Dojimaru, who is introduced as the author of a book on the WTC collapses. A writer, not a structural or demolition engineer, we are supposed to take his word over actual structural engineers and demolition experts who investigated the site. But hey, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

“And even if it was conceivable that they could fall due to the damage that day,” Dojimaru wrote in an e-mail, “they never would have collapsed horizontally, and would have scattered steel beams and smashed concrete much farther than 100 meters.”

If this is not a mistranslation, then Dojimaru is simply hilariously wrong. Of course the towers collapsed vertically, not horizontally. As for the second claim, isn’t it the conspiracy set that alleges that the huge explosions of debris during the tower collapse show evidence of controlled demolition? Why would these debris fly any further than they did?

But who is Akira Dojimaru anyways? Did John Spiri bother to check? Maybe if he took a look at the man’s Web site he would have found out that Akira is a plainly obvious anti-Semite. For example, see his article “Parasitism and Intellectual Conspiracies are Dangerous Elements among International Financiers and Traders” here: where he states: “And if I may add to that, we can nearly describe these kinds of dangerous elements as the Jewish ruling class (moneyed class) from a racial values standpoint.”

There is plenty of that on his site! In fact there is a whole section of the site devoted to Holocaust denial, one of the most disgusting efforts of the hard right to reverse the history of the Second World War. I’m guessing that Mr. Spiri does not care about researching who he is talking to, or what their motivations are. I also know by now that he is not a person who looks critically at what is placed in front of him. John Spiri, why are you quoting a person like this approvingly? Do you share these views? If so, I ask The Japan Times, why are you allowing a writer to Trojan-horse these reactionary views into your pages?

Now for Mr. Fujita, I challenge him to look at any of the numerous Web sites, films etc. that disprove the claims of conspiracy theories point by point. A few of the best: “9/11 Myths” (; “9/11 Links” (; and The History Channel’s “9/11 Myths” documentary, hosted at YouTube (

It will take decent people standing up against the lies of conspiracy theorists to accurately understand the events of Sept. 11, 2001. In America, these claims have been investigated and debunked. Major conspiracy theory projects such as “Loose Change: Final Cut” and “The Shell Game” have been utter disasters, attracting almost no attention. These nuts are on their way out. It is only now, while other countries do not have the same access to information that Americans do, that conspiracy theorists will try to foist their junk theories on those without the ability to debunk them. I hope that the Japanese can take advantage of their knowledge of science to see through these obvious lies and the logical fallacies that undergird them, exposing the “theorists” who at the end of the day have a specific agenda behind their ugly worldviews.

Jon Rodgers

Cursing the JT

Let me commend you for printing an article about the alternative theory for 9/11. I was cursing The Japan Times for ignoring the story back in January, but you’ve made up for that!

I’m looking forward to more real journalism like this in the future.

Nick Ramsay
Gifu Pref.

Truth shall set you free

Thank you so much for publishing the story “Lawmaker takes 9/11 doubts global” in the Japan Times, and thank you so much for having a courageous, truth-telling Diet member such as Yukihisa Fujita who realizes how important the truth is for peace in this world and the prevention of nuclear war.

Here in the U.S. there is almost total censorship of the truth by our mainstream media, the Congress, the Senate, and our “president” (he doesn’t even deserve such a title). There are a few brave people in our Congress and news media, but they almost invariably wind up losing their jobs, or their lives (as with Sen. Paul Wellstone, who was killed in a plane crash shortly before the invasion of Iraq because he opposed the invasion because it was all based on lies and was, and still is, a war crime). As it was with Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, the people of those countries were mostly kept in the dark about the truth by their respective governments and news media while the rest of the world knew what the truth was. Since we don’t get the truth from our government or news media, we have to rely on the Internet and the governments and media of other countries to bring the truth to us.

There is a statement in the Bible — “Remove the log that is in your own eye first so that you can see clearly to remove the speck that is in your brother’s eye” — which is very true. It is obvious that this statement also applies to countries, with the people of these countries being blinded to the truth by their own governments and media. Fortunately, with the Internet and rapid worldwide communication, all that people in one country have to do in order to get the truth is to look at what is being said by the news media and leaders of other countries.

The people here in the U.S. owe Mr. Yukihisa Fujita and The Japan Times a debt of great gratitude for their honesty and courage. In this world, people should all want to be at peace with each other and get along happily. The only way that this can happen is for the truth to be told. The Bible also says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”; it doesn’t say “maybe” or “possibly.” Therefore, the best way for there to be peace is for the news media to tell the truth at all times and for the people to demand the truth and accept nothing less than the full truth.

Robert B. Thorne,

Crooks and liars

I have been writing about 9/11, demonstrating, writing letters to the editor, and talking to groups about this issue.

There was no plane that hit the Pentagon, (World Trade Center) building was brought down because it had computers in it that were programmed to destroy the Twin Towers floor by floor, and it was all a false flag to put terror on our hearts and allow Bush to take over and go to war with Iraq, and now he is about to go to war with Iran and we must stop it.

More people must come out about the truth of 9/11. Flight 93 was shot down by us before it was supposed to have crashed. The wool has been pulled over the eyes of many, but not me and not the people in your article.

Our country is run by crooks and liars. Bush and Cheney should be impeached and put in jail for their actions.

Thank you for speaking up.

Lisa Law
Santa Fe, N.M.

Springboard for invasion

Regarding the premise that the WTC towers were intentionally destroyed (based on the written articles and videos which have been flooding the airwaves), plus the “crashes” into the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, I would have to concur. I find it incredible that the powers-that-be think that they can initiate such blatant acts of terror on their own people, and then use these same acts as a “springboard” for the invasion of other countries — Iraq, Iran, just to name a couple.

And the public as a whole is falling for the line that the so-called elected officials at the top are feeding them. All of the evidence — whether it be on video or in literature — should suffice to convince a people they have been conspired against for very many years. Until the vast majority of citizens realize that those in high places have ulterior motives other than fairly representing their electorates, we will tend to be treated as if we are not much more than bottom-dwellers to them.

Phil Jones
Penticton, B.C.

New probe needed

As a U.S. citizen, I have been waiting for my representatives in Congress to launch an investigation into what happened on 9/11. Fujita is now my best hope and my adopted representative.

I don’t know what happened on that day, but the investigations of the Truth Movement make more sense, are open and publicly reviewed, while the official investigation has enormous shortcomings, and has no spokesperson to answer criticisms. We need a new investigation!

Craig Winters
Las Cruces, N.M.

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