What should Japan be doing to ease climate change?

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Tomoyuki Goto
Real estate, 30
People should not use so much air conditioning. It’s often so cold in offices and department stores. We have four seasons here, but because of global warming that’s changing. I’m afraid we’ll lose that.

Satoshi Tomioka
Engineer, 44
If I stay in Japan it’s not a big problem because Japan is not so hot or so cold, but some countries will have to worry about being underwater soon. For me, it’s not a big problem; for them it is.

Michiko Nakakuma
Advertising agency executive
In Japan, not only the people, but also companies need to work together. Companies have responsibility, and they have the money.

Gary Goldstein
Student, 41 (American)
I think Japan is doing more than the U.S is. A market exists: if you have goods that are fuel- efficient, they’ll sell better. If firms act in their own interests, that will take care of some problems.

Osamu Hisada
Insurance, 42
If we can develop environmentally friendly technology, it can be profitable, so that’s a win-win: The economy can grow and we can share the benefit of a reduced carbon footprint.

DevRon Foster (U.S.)
Business consultant, 32
Making factories more efficient is key. A big thing is that the housing in Japan, especially some older places, don’t have insulation, so you’re going to burn a lot of gas to heat your home.