What are your alternative remedies?


Yuji Liguori
Student, 19
My grandmother told me that “naganegi,” the long Japanese onion, can be used to cure a sore throat if it is tied around your neck. I tried it once for a couple of days but it didn’t have any effect.

Teacher, 29
During the SARS outbreak, Korea had no reported cases and people said it must be because everyone eats kimchi. This is considered a remedy in the same way as chicken soup in the West.

Asaka Watanabe
Publicity, 23
Ginger tea is a popular drink in Japan, especially in winter. The spiciness of the tea keeps your body warm. It also has a cleansing effect. If you drink it before bed it will help to sweat out toxins.

Administrator, 32
In China, there are many alternative remedies. Eating dog, although relatively uncommon, is a rare delicacy. I heard that the dog’s penis is ground down and added to tea to aid fertility.

Ritva Salavirta
In Finland, sauna are used as a cure for everything from aches and pains to flu. Swimming in ice-cold water is said to strengthen your immune system and heighten your ability to tolerate pain.