Should Japan impose restrictions on non-Japanese-speaking-foreigners coming here to work?


Niels Hansen
Business owner, 38
I just wonder if the Japanese would want the same standards applied to them if they went anywhere else. It would damage international business. I don’t think it’s a good path to go down when you start imposing borders.

Mariko Isoda
Housewife, 31
Foreigners who come here should learn to speak a little Japanese. Like greetings, for example. Just a little bit of communication is enough to foster a friendly atmosphere between different cultures and nationalities.

Keiko Takashima
TV agency, 37
Japanese don’t need to study English in elementary school, yet I can speak English, Italian and communicate in many languages. If I can learn other languages, I think foreigners here should also be able to speak Japanese.

Alexander Durand
Designer, 31
It’s crazy to expect that. It’s easier to learn a language once you’re in the country, through immersion. That’s the best way to learn. Some foreigners only come here for a very short period of time, so it’s a crazy idea.

Takezo Mochizuki
Student, 20
Foreigners should study a little Japanese before they come here. If they can speak just a little and can communicate basic things, it’s good enough. They don’t have to be fluent. The same goes for Japanese who travel abroad.

Vincenzo Cannone
Seller, 26
For me, it’s important that foreigners speak Japanese because they are in Japan. If you want to go to another country and learn about the culture, then you need to learn the language. Also, it can be very helpful for doing business.