What are the best and worst things about Japan?


Constantine Von Frogstein
Intern, 29
I hate that the people don’t lift their feet when they walk. The sound! I hate the sound! The vending machines are the best things about Japan. I don’t care much about beer or cigarettes, but the corn soup is cool.

Anja Flower
Student, 18
The best thing about Japan is the extended feeling of community around here. Either that or the ready supply of porn. The worst is the oppression of women or the severe lack of garbage cans when you need them.

Ayano Kosaka
Student, 20
The worst thing is that Japan is a bit narrow — the streets and also the thinking. A good thing is that people and trains are punctual. That’s very important because things you want to do you might not be able to do if people are late.

Kevin Edwards
Consultant, 28
After you’ve been here a while, you’re more comfortable, but though you feel more involved, you’re still unique. The worst thing is related — it’s frustrating not being able to communicate when you don’t know the system.

Mary O’Brian
Photographer, 22
I’m allergic to seafood and I don’t like onion, so that cuts down on my food options — I’ve been living on Pringles for the last 5 days. But the best thing is I feel really safe here. In Las Vegas it’s dirty and scary.

Megumi Kobayashi
Civil servant, 31
A good thing about Japan is in many ways extremes can co-exist in society. Like people in kimono going to Meiji Shrine and the kids dressed up in Harajuku. But people have started to lose morals and there’s less common sense.