What do you think of file-sharing on the Internet?


Shannon Clark
Teacher, 32
People don’t think it’s stealing because they don’t go into a store and pocket something, so there’s no guilty feeling, but most of the people who do it wouldn’t steal from a store.

Trista Kelley
Finance, 27
Record companies are not going to be able to stop it. What’s more frustrating is not being able to transfer a bought CD onto a computer to an iPod. That situation makes downloading a lot easier to justify.

Kristin Kajdzik
PhD student, 24
It’s out of the realm of what they should be able to control in regard to rights under the P2P system. Also, cutting off the technology now means ramifications in the kind of technology being developed.

Hiroko Ogura
Student, 19
We should be able to share music on the P2P system. CD prices are quite high and people can’t get everything they want. We have CD rental shops anyway.

Romain Blancaneaux
Student, 22
If the music was more affordable, it wouldn’t be such a problem. A person who holds over 1000 CDs, couldn’t buy all of them, so when the record industry says it’s losing millions, that’s an overestimation.

Katja Stuke
Photographer, 37
Record companies always argue about the artists’ rights, but that’s just a small part of the price of the music. They say ‘don’t copy the music,’ but they sell blank CDs.