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Community Page readers respond to Satoko Kogure’s article on gender equality in Japan (May 3) and Vanessa Mitchell’s piece on the lack of aid resources for sex crime victims (May 17) in Japan

Nice life

Japanese women enjoy a leisure life that their salaryman husbands can only envy.

After the kids start school, the affluent middle-class housewife can start her life of tennis lessons, ikebana practice, cooking school, conversation classes and shopping trips with other leisure-minded housewives.

Gaijin women are in fact a bit envious. They’ve fought for equal rights for the past two-hundred years and now realize that “equality” ain’t everything.

Japanese men have the right idea — keep women barefoot and pregnant. – Rob


Hindering Japanese women’s rights and equalities any more than they already are would be a barbaric and misogynistic act by all those involved.

I must say that the term “egoism” is being unjustly applied. How can any woman be guilty of egoism when she must get down on her knees to serve her company boss tea?

The real self interest lies in the fact that Japan is still a male-dominated society and the real egoism lies among those who wish to keep it that way.

Those who wish to define women by traditional gender roles are only afraid that they will have to step up and actually do their part in being a responsible citizen in a mixed society. – T


All one has to do it look at how much the law has helped Masako-sama, a successful career woman now trapped in tradition. Japanese women are so socially restricted, constitution or not, they remain just ahead of Islamic women on U.N. surveys recording women’s progress around the world. Forcing them to assume the role of their husband’s help mate will not aid this society in any way. – Judith

Missing the point

Why is there such a big debate over groping on trains etc. By introducing and debating initiatives like women-only train cars, society is treating the systematic sexual abuse of women here as a part of society that must be accommodated rather than stamped out at source.

Why is it that many Japanese men think it perfectly OK to get on a train in the morning or late at night and molest women?

That’s what the debate should be about. – Kay


I and a friend have also experienced the indifference of Tokyo police as a whole, but I do not believe it is a culture engendered in the police nationwide.

On the contrary, it is symptomatic desensitization of police who see the same type of incidents again and again. – John

Good for you!

Good for you Kathy. Hopefully more women will do just what she did.

There’s no excuse for these racist perverts, aswell as racist police who are no help to foreign victims. Just makes you want to go grrrrr . . . – Tim