How will you spend this month’s paycheck?


Sarah Chilson
Au pair, 22
I live in Fujisawa and I’ve only been in Japan 6 weeks so I’ve only had two pays, but both times I’ve come up to Tokyo to party it up.

Rob Bell
English teacher, 33
We probably go out for a more indulgent meal than we would usually. It’s a good time to buy new shoes or clothes or anything you’ve had your eye on for a while and in my case, probably send some money home.

Tarik Thami
Yoga teacher, 35
I usually go out to eat, and I eat well. There’s just endless fantastic restaurants in Tokyo and I’m on a quest to spend all my money on those. Between books,food and travel, that’s all I spend my money on.

Albert Vrang
Logistics, 30
I go to the post office and put it in my savings account so I won’t spend it. This place is made for spending money, so I need to put it in a place that’s hard to reach.

Masako Saito
Office worker, 30
I go to my parent’s house because my mother takes care of my money. I make a calculation of how much I can use, then give the rest to my mother to deposit in the post office.

Kim Holland
Yoga teacher, 25
I’m bit of a ratbag, I treat myself everyday, but I guess on payday I buy luxury items like aromatherapy oil or if I see a nice scarf I might buy it. Also I might pay for a little trip, like I want to go hiking in Nikko.