Who is to blame for the beheading of a South Korean in Iraqi?


Ichiro Kosuga
Record Company, 25
It’s not just one person, but first it’s Bush, then the people who support him. Bush started it obviously, but the guy went there himself knowing it was dangerous.

Izumi Kitano
Receptionist, 26
I don’t know why the Koreans had to send more forces. In that case I would blame the S. Korean government. It’s too bad civilians get killed.

Luis Hsu
Office Supplies, 25
The terrorists. That situation shouldn’t have stopped the Korean government from sending troops; if anything it should be more of a reason to go.

Nils Torbergsen
Student, 21
You can say that the allied forces influenced why they killed the hostage, but the blame rests ultimately on those who carried out the act.

Esther Chung
Student, 21
As a S. Korean, I don’t want to blame the government. S. Korea has mandatory service, so I won’t point my finger at anyone. For me it’s about human life, not blame.

Katherine Lin
Medical Student, 24
The terrorists. Maybe Iraq needs a stronger leadership to control the terrorist elements. As for the future, I’m pretty pessimistic.