Saving on bills and lookingfor work


Saving energy

K.K. writes: “I seem to recall Jean Pearce saying she put plastic sheets on her windows to keep rooms warm, but once they’re there I guess you can’t open the windows easily. Do you know anything about this subject? Also, where could I buy such sheets?”

Many people tape cheap plastic sheeting over glass windows for the coldest months (meaning right now). This may not be pretty, but does help keep heat inside and cuts bills.

DIY store Tokyu Hands has two manufactured products, described generally as “mado (window) gurasu (glass) kurea (clear),” that adhere to the glass in the frame so windows can still sometimes be opened.

Shoene (meaning “save energy”) Dannetsu (“cut heat”) Sheet, made by Nitomuzu, consists of two layers of plastic with air in between. One piece, measuring 90 cm x 180 cm, costs 1,280.

The second product is Shoene UV Cut Film, by Sekutokagaku. Size: 90 cm x 170 cm; 1,480. This is just one layer of plastic, and smaller, so why more expensive is a mystery to be resolved. You can find both items on floor 3C in the Shibuya branch.

Job hunting

Richard enquires from Melbourne, Australia, about the possibility of working in Tokyo after finishing his university degree, a BA in English literature and music. “I’m thinking of teaching English, but I’m amenable to other ideas, such as proofreading, writing, or even something musical.”

He says there seem to be plenty of advertisements on the Internet from both big and small companies, but not so many in Tokyo, “which, I suppose is where everyone wants to work.”

As he has already realized, there is more demand for English-language teachers outside major cities, and if he wants to learn Japanese, maybe this is where he should go.

For starters, he can log onto this paper’s Web site at www.japantimes.co.jp and go to the jobs section. Next, he could try www.gaijinpot.com

This online site lists jobs all over the country. Also, check out Metropolis magazine’s weekly ad site on

The Jobfinder feature introduces companies looking for staff; you can also discuss job opportunities on forum. japantoday. com

If you don’t mind being a guy in a woman’s world, check out Broad Minded Business.

BMB is a job introduction and information service that specializes in finding jobs for Japanese and foreign women within companies that will allow them to thrive professionally in Japan. However, this list is open to men too, so all are welcome to join. You can subscribe to BMB’s weekly job listings by clicking onto: being-a-broad.com/bmb.html

Finally, Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM), expert in international labour market issues, has published a series of guides on “Looking for work” in over 40 different countries.

The NEW “Looking for Work in Japan” guide (ISBN 90-5896 053-6)is useful for both individuals who want to work abroad and corporations who send employees abroad on international assignments.

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