How good (or bad) is your Japanese?


Tim Martin
English teacher, 37

I would say advanced intermediate. I can speak Japanese but I can’t read or write it. I don’t think anyone can fully; even Japanese have trouble with it sometimes. I learned mostly through the television; my favorite show is “Trivia no Izumi.”

Richard Lammers
Engineer, 32

I manage to get around very well, but don’t speak Japanese. I travel often for my job. If I have problems, of course, I just call one of my Japanese colleagues.

Stijn Janssen
Financial Adviser, 31

Below Zero. I can get home by taxi and I can order a meal, but I can’t converse in Japanese. The only people complaining about me not speaking Japanese are the Dutch. I’ve never heard the Japanese complain, although maybe they complain in Japanese.

Cristina Milli
Italian Teacher, 27

I graduated in Japanese at university so I am improving living here. I can read and write and I can speak, but not that well. I don’t think that everyone needs to learn Japanese.

Anne Tessman
Primary Teacher, 32

My Japanese is very low and I’ve been here a year now, so it’s a bit embarrassing. It’s just so easy to get around with out it, but it probably determines where I go.

Al Agger
Arts Promoter, 33

Ability out of 10? 6. I can speak Japanese, but I can’t read or write kanji. I’m at conversational level, I speak Japanese everyday. I also do Taiko drumming. When I got to rehearsal we only speak Japanese. Definitely I will learn to read and write in future, mostly for Taiko.