Sapporo Beer opened Yebisu Brewery Tokyo on Wednesday, a brand experience center with brewing facilities in Tokyo’s Ebisu district, the birthplace of Yebisu Beer.

This will be the first time in about 35 years that Sapporo Beer resumed operations in Ebisu, after stopping production there in 1988 due to the relocation of the factory.

With no entrance fee, the new brewery will be located in the Yebisu Garden Place complex in Shibuya Ward. In the facility’s taproom, visitors will be able to enjoy about six types of freshly brewed beer from ¥1100 a glass, including "Yebisu Infinity," which is made by reselecting the yeast used at the Yebisu factory more than 35 years ago. Finger food will also be on offer at between ¥400 to ¥800 per plate.

There will also be an exhibition area with photographs and other materials related to the more than 130-year history of Yebisu Beer.

Visitors will also be able to visit the brewery, which has an annual production capacity of 130 kiloliters, and the potential to directly interact with Ryota Aritomo, the Chief Experience Brewer in charge of the brewing process.

Forty-five minute guided tours of the brewing process costing ¥1800 will also be available starting May 15.

Prior to the official opening, Yebisu Brewery Tokyo opened its doors to the press on Tuesday. President Hiroyuki Nose expressed his enthusiasm about the opening, saying, "We want to revive a place in Ebisu that showcases the appeal of beer in a way that is suited to the current era.”

Information from Jiji added