Bandai, the Japanese toymaker that’s enjoying a growth spurt for anime characters, collectible cat figurines and other miniature goods sold in plastic capsules, will open more stores abroad to capitalize on the boom.

More than 80 new outlets are planned for Asia, Europe and the U.S. starting this month, with a focus on North America, the company said. That would effectively triple the number of specialty shops for the vending machines, currently at 43.

Bandai, part of the entertainment and gaming group Bandai Namco Holdings, is seeking to cash in on the popularity of capsule toys among consumers at home and abroad. With Japan’s recent tourist boom, any place with stacks of the machines are usually thronged with children and adults looking for a surprise when they turn the knob for an orb of fun. The capsule-toy market rose 36% to ¥61 billion ($402 million) in 2022, according to the most recent data from the Japan Gacha Gacha Association.