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National May 24, 2010

Doraemon to make 3-D debut at Expo

Fans of Doraemon wanting to see video of the robot cat in 3-D for the first time will have to travel to the Shanghai World Expo in June. The short 3-D clip will be part of efforts to woo fans in China as Japan seeks ...

Business Apr 9, 2010

Car industry braces for further shakeup

YOKOHAMA — With Nissan Motor Co. and its French partner Renault SA looking to expand their clout through a new cross-sharing deal with Germany's Daimler AG, the big question is: who is next in the realignment of the global auto industry? In Japan, experts say ...

National Mar 3, 2010

Challenges still looming large for bankrupt JAL

More than a month after Japan Airlines Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection, the initial sense of panic has been replaced by one of seeming calmness as the operations of the nation's biggest carrier continue without disruption. But despite the calm surface, aviation experts warn the ...

National Feb 7, 2010

Toyota president sidesteps issue of Prius recall

Just when it seemed like the head of Toyota Motor Corp. would keep a low profile until the firm's recall troubles wind down, President Akio Toyoda made a surprise public appearance and offered a solemn apology to anxious consumers. But when the hastily arranged late ...

Business Feb 2, 2010

New boss: JAL won't go budget, regional

Japan Airlines Corp. will not relegate itself to a regional or low-cost carrier even as the once-proud flagship sharply streamlines its operations under a court-led turnaround plan, its new president said. Masaru Onishi, appointed JAL president on Monday, said the company will choose its U.S. ...

JAL intervention to 'leave stain on Japanese history,' Takenaka warns

Business Jan 27, 2010

JAL intervention to 'leave stain on Japanese history,' Takenaka warns

The government intervention into the affairs of Japan Airlines Corp. will "leave a stain on Japanese history" and risk crippling the nation's aviation industry, according to former economic and fiscal policy minister Heizo Takenaka. In a recent interview, the key architect of Prime Minister Junichiro ...

National Jan 8, 2010

Low-cost 'fast fashion' trend here to stay

"Fast fashion" undoubtedly became the buzzword of 2009 as Japan's deflation-hit economy drove consumers away from luxury brands and toward cheap but high-quality apparel. But don't expect cheap and chic brands to disappear in 2010, even if the nation manages to start pulling out of ...

Hopes high as Windows 7 debuts

National Oct 21, 2009

Hopes high as Windows 7 debuts

As Microsoft Corp. prepares for the upcoming release of its Windows 7, Japanese manufacturers of personal computers are hoping the latest operating system will be the long-awaited silver bullet for a market hammered by eroding prices and flagging demand. For the U.S. software giant, the ...

Legal barriers loom for fuel-cell auto technology

Business Oct 15, 2009

Legal barriers loom for fuel-cell auto technology

The recent buzz over hybrids and electric cars has overshadowed the massive investments global auto giants are making in fuel-cell vehicles — another near-reality dream car that some believe promises an ultimate zero-emissions society. Japan plans to stay on the cutting edge of the accelerated ...