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Anne Mahrer and Rosmarie Wyder-Walti talk to journalists after the verdict of the court in the climate case at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, on Tuesday.
Apr 9, 2024
Swiss climate policy shortcomings violated human rights, top court rules
The European court's decision on the case, brought by more than 2,000 Swiss women, could have a ripple effect across Europe and beyond.
A container ship passes at Keelung port in northern Taiwan in July 2010.
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Mar 18, 2024
Pressure builds for charge on shipping sector's CO2 emissions
At an International Maritime Organization meeting, 47 countries are supporting the imposition of a fee on each ton of greenhouse gas the industry produces.
A lenticular cloud is seen over a mountain at sunset in a clear sky, due to an anticyclone during a prolonged drought with warming temperatures and lack of rain in winter, in Ronda, Spain, on Tuesday.
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Feb 9, 2024
Climate change drives world to first 12-month spell over 1.5 C
Human-caused climate change and El Nino pushed temperatures higher.
Europe's climate agenda is entering a difficult phase as it begins to touch sensitive sectors, such as farming, and as traditional industries face fierce green tech competition from China.
WORLD / Politics
Feb 7, 2024
EU recommends ambitious 2040 climate target but goes light on farming
Europe's climate agenda is entering a difficult phase as it begins to touch sensitive sectors, such as farming.
Police in riot gear stand guard next to a barricade near a fire outside the European Parliament in Brussels on Feb. 1 during a protest by farmers from Belgium and other EU countries over price pressures, taxes and green regulation.
WORLD / Politics
Feb 6, 2024
Green backlash looms over EU elections
Polls show that while a large majority of Europeans support action to fight climate change, a many are also worried about the cost of doing this.
Demonstrators hold banners in front of the TotalEnergies headquarter building at La Defense in Courbevoie, France, on Nov. 3, ahead of the international climate conference COP28 in Dubai later this month.
Nov 7, 2023
Impasse broken on climate fund before COP28 but tough road ahead
Both developing and developed countries said they had made major concessions to avoid a failure that would have soured U.N. climate talks.
People walk on the bank of the frozen Spree river in Berlin in 2021.
WORLD / Politics
Sep 27, 2023
EU forecasts a more comfortable winter ahead without Russian gas
Before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline had accounted for 15% of Europe's gas imports in 2021.
Japan Times
Jul 11, 2023
61,000 Europeans may have died in last summer's heat waves, experts say
Study estimates that more than 61,600 people died from heat-related causes across 35 European countries from late May to early September 2022, during Europe's hottest summer on record.
Japan Times
Jan 6, 2023
'Feels like summer': Warm winter breaks temperature records in Europe
The unusually mild temperatures have offered some short-term relief for gas shortages, but activists are calling for faster action against climate change.
Japan Times
Jul 7, 2022
EU parliament backs labeling gas and nuclear investments as green
The move paves the way for the European Union proposal to pass into law, unless 20 of the bloc's 27 member states decide to oppose it, which is seen as very unlikely.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 28, 2022
Japan pushing to ax zero-emission vehicle target from G7 statement, draft shows
Green investors say the country's auto industry has lobbied against regulations that would encourage quicker transition to the technology.
Japan Times
Mar 3, 2022
Who pays? U.N. climate report reignites global fight for compensation.
Vulnerable countries have for years sought funding to help them shoulder the costs related to climate change. So far, it hasn't arrived.
Japan Times
Feb 16, 2022
EU says it is prepared for partial disruption of Russian gas flows
Escalating tensions with Russia over Ukraine have raised concerns about Russian gas flows to Europe, prompting the EU to review its contingency plans for supply shocks.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Markets
Feb 1, 2022
Investor clash on gas and nuclear muddies EU green finance drive
In a market already divided, the attempt to reach a common definition for sustainable investments risk could fragment things further.
Japan Times
Nov 15, 2021
Was the Glasgow pact a win for the climate? Time will tell.
Success will be determined by the future actions of the governments that thrashed it out the deal, according to the summit's U.K. hosts, participants and observers.
Japan Times
Nov 10, 2021
COP26 has 'mountain to climb' to curb warming as talks intensify
A research group said the national pledges submitted so far would allow the Earth's temperature to rise 2.4 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels by 2100.
Japan Times
Oct 20, 2021
Investors fear green complexity as countries draft over 30 sustainability rule sets
After years of complaints that there were no rules to determine what constitutes a 'sustainable' investment, some are now fretting that soon there will be too many.
Japan Times
May 9, 2021
How low can you go? Volkswagen throws down the emissions gauntlet
The German carmaker is betting it can absorb more stringent cuts than its rivals, sources familiar with the matter have said.
Japan Times
Apr 13, 2021
In Europe, once 'green' plug-in hybrid cars now look like dinosaurs
EU policy plans for plug-in hybrid vehicles could mean the 'transition' technology has a shorter lifespan than envisaged by carmakers.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health / ANALYSIS
Nov 24, 2020
Carbon pricing rises as world's weapon of choice in climate fight
Can you put a price on pollution? Some of the world's biggest economies are doing just that as they wrestle with how to make good on grand pledges to tame planet-warming emissions.


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