Lin Taylor
Coffins carrying bodies of Thai migrant agricultural workers who were killed in an attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on Israel, arrive at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand, on Oct. 20
Oct 31, 2023
Stay or leave? Israel's migrant workers face tough choices
While many migrant workers fear for their safety if they stay in Israel, some said they cannot afford to give up their jobs.
Signs hang on a gate as people hike in the Pen y Pass at the foot of Mount Snowdon near Llanberis, Wales, in 2020. For residents of deprived urban areas, going to natural green spaces can be prohibitively expensive.
Aug 2, 2023
Isolated from nature, U.K.'s ethnic minorities hit harder by heat
Experts say ethnic minorities will be affected most as they often live in dense, poorly insulated households near fewer parks and less vegetation.
A woman walks on the bottom of a dried pond on a hot day in Mauharia, India, in May 2022.
Jul 29, 2023
Warming world 'brutalizes' women as heat waves deepen gender divide
The impacts of rising heat are disproportionately dangerous and costly to women — be it at home or on the job — according to a new report.
Japan Times
Jun 15, 2023
COVID orphans face grief and poverty as world moves on
Between 10.5 million and 12.4 million children are estimated to have lost at least one parent or caregiver to COVID-19, a study showed, with many struggling with poverty and grief.
Japan Times
Oct 18, 2022
Rise of delivery robots leaves drivers fearful of job losses
Growing numbers of delivery robots — from pavement-driving pods to flying drones — are being rolled out in urban areas, boosted by a surge of interest during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Japan Times
Feb 27, 2021
Out of sight, out of mind? Remote work damaging young women's careers
The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly disruptive for young women from ethnic minorities who are under-represented in professional settings.
Japan Times
Feb 12, 2021
As Lunar New Year arrives, COVID-19 pushes Chinatown businesses to the brink
From New York to London to Sydney, Chinatowns worldwide saw a dramatic drop in business as early as last January.
Japan Times
Jul 30, 2019
Canceled races, fainting players: Climate change turns up heat on sports
As a professional ultrarunner, meaning she competes at distances longer than a marathon, Clare Gallagher has tackled plenty of challenges, from mountains to heat.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
Jul 18, 2018
World's poorest risk losing out as Brexit Britain pushes 'aid for trade'
Women, young and disabled people risk being left out as Britain shifts aid spending to boost its own trade, experts said on Tuesday, with worries over Brexit already hitting the economy.


Father's Day is said to have come to Japan around 1950, shortly after the establishment of Mother's Day.
The evolving nature of fatherhood in Japan