Tokyo, November 21, 2017 – The Japan Times (Minato Ward, Tokyo; representative: Takeharu Tsutsumi) will conduct a trial of a new digital newspaper delivery service with the Sony’s Digital Paper (DPT-RP1).

During the trial, participants will be able read the newspaper on a Sony DPT-RP1 and test its usability, as well as identify any issues or concerns. The DPT-RP1, which is A4 size and only 5.9 mm thick, is extremely portable with a screen designed for high readability. While closely approximating the experience of reading of a print newspaper, the device also supports digital annotation. As a trial partner, Sony Business Solutions Corporation (Tokyo, Minato-ku; representative: Kazuo Miyajima) expects this trial to become a promising application example of a newspaper delivery service utilizing digital paper.

Outline of recruiting for trial participants
・Trial period: January 2018, for approximately one month
・Eligibility: Current subscribers to The Japan Times
・Number: 20 users
・Registration period: Mid December
*Trial users will be expected to complete a questionnaire and participate in a group discussion.

■ Trial application details: https://form.japantimes.co.jp/sony-digital-paper/

Special features of the Sony Digital Paper (DPT-RP1)
・Wireless synchronization via PC
・A4 size, easy to read and annotate (written data can be saved)
・Weight is approximately 349 grams (world’s thinnest and lightest tablet)
・Battery charge lasts approximately three weeks (may vary according to usage behavior)

■ More information: http://www.sony.jp/products/catalog/DPT-RP1_1704.pdf

Makoto Tanaka, Corporate Managing Executive Officer Sony Business Solutions Corporation
“With this trial run for digital subscribers of The Japan Times, we’re hoping participants will take advantage of the unique characteristics of our digital paper, which are lightweight, easy on the eye and boast a long battery life. Through this trial, we believe the digitization of newspapers will proceed in a more user-friendly direction.”

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