World / Social Issues Jan 23, 2019

6,000 Nigerians flee Boko Haram attack to Chad: U.N.

Thousands of Nigerians have fled across Lake Chad since Boko Haram launched attacks in and around the fishing town of Baga last month, the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday. "An estimated 6,000 refugees have fled Nigeria's restive Borno state since December 26, when ...

Mediterranean crossings 'deadlier than ever': U.N.

World / Social Issues Sep 4, 2018

Mediterranean crossings 'deadlier than ever': U.N.

Even as the number of migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean to Europe has fallen sharply, the likelihood of dying during the dangerous voyage has risen significantly, the U.N. said Monday. Between January and July, more than 58,000 asylum seekers and migrants reached Europe's shores ...