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Japan Times
Sep 21, 2019
'Japanese Linguistics': Insightful description meets valuable instruction
'Japanese Linguistics' is a broad-spectrum primer on Japanese, covering everything from grammar to the social context of the language, for the undergraduate student or avid polyglot alike.
Japan Times
Sep 23, 2017
Political protest or textbook harassment?
In 1979, The New Yorker ran a very long article by Frances FitzGerald about American history textbooks and how they had changed over the years. She said that the framing of history depends on who is writing it and, more importantly, who is supporting that writing. Publishers present history in such a way as to make their product more palatable to a very general audience. As a result certain aspects of history are lost or distorted. During the early years of the Cold War, for instance, America's motives for past military adventures were invariably justified in contemporary textbooks, whereas after the combative 1960s those motives were questioned.
Sep 1, 2017
New Chinese textbook lays claim to Senkakus, dates start of war with Japan to 1931
China started a new school year on Friday with a new textbook for elementary and junior high school students that describes the Senkaku Islands, under Okinawa jurisdiction, and the South China Sea as an integral part of its territory.
Japan Times
Apr 23, 2017
Story of Fukushima evacuee rice balls saving snow-stranded driver to appear in ethics textbook
A heartwarming story about Fukushima evacuees giving out rice balls to drivers stranded by heavy snow three years ago and helping one who fell ill will appear in an ethics textbook for elementary school pupils, according to a Tokyo publisher.
Jun 10, 2016
Another publisher embroiled in perks-for-textbooks scandal
Taishukan Publishing admits to breaking industry rules by providing free classroom materials to schools that agreed to use its English textbooks this year.
Apr 29, 2016
Digital textbooks are accompanied by caveats
It's only a matter of time before the days of students lugging around backpacks full of heavy books are over.
Japan Times
JAPAN / History
Dec 11, 2015
Fifty Japanese scholars attack McGraw-Hill, U.S. academics on 'comfort women' issue
The “comfort women” dispute heats up as 50 Japanese scholars chide the author of a U.S. textbook and his backers for “errors” they claim no Japanese scholar would support.
JAPAN / Politics
Apr 7, 2015
Tokyo rejects South Korean, Chinese protests over textbook changes
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga on Tuesday dismissed criticism by China and South Korea of the latest revisions to school textbooks, saying the changes reflect a fair assessment of expert views on topics that relate to ongoing territorial disputes.
Jan 9, 2015
Textbook publisher to delete, dilute 'comfort women' passages
A Tokyo-based textbook publisher has obtained government approval to delete depictions of "comfort women" and references to foreign workers forcibly brought to Japan, from its high school social studies books, sources said Friday.
Apr 4, 2014
Virginia passes law on 'East Sea'
Legislation requiring that the Korean name for the Sea of Japan be included in new school textbooks has become law in the state of Virginia, a victory for Korean-American campaigners in the U.S. backed by the South Korean government.
JAPAN / Politics
Apr 4, 2014
Seoul blasts textbook plan
South Korea on Friday criticized a move by Japan to include the government's territorial claims to two tiny South Korean-held islands in elementary school textbooks.
Mar 14, 2014
School board told to use conservative textbook
Education minister Hakubun Shimomura on Friday ordered the board of education in Taketomi, Okinawa Prefecture, to adopt a junior high school social studies textbook known for its conservative views, after the town chose another book in defiance of a regional council.
Jan 17, 2014
Ambassador frets over Virginia's incursion into Sea of Japan naming row
Japan's ambassador to the United States expressed concern Thursday about legislation pending in Virginia that would require school books to use "East Sea" as well as "Sea of Japan" to name the waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula.
Jan 12, 2014
Teaching or brainwashing?
An education ministry council has approved the new standard for screening school textbooks after holding just two sessions. Such haste is deplorable as it suggests that the government seeks to impose particular views on children.
Dec 24, 2013
U.S. state to debate Sea of Japan vs. East Sea dispute
The Virginia Legislature will open debate next month on three bills related to the Japan-South Korea dispute over the name of the body of water between the two nations, a state senator said.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Nov 30, 2013
Japan, South Korean lawmakers call for joint history textbooks with China
Diet and South Korean lawmakers working to promote bilateral exchanges urge their governments and China to produce joint history textbooks.
Nov 14, 2013
History texts to get official spin
The education ministry plans to have textbooks for elementary, junior high and high schools reflect the government's position on 'historical facts.'
Sep 9, 2013
12 publishers to push tablets for classrooms
In a move toward full-scale digitization of education, 12 textbook publishers plan to develop a common platform for using tablet devices in classrooms.
JAPAN / History
Aug 29, 2013
Yokohama recalls texts describing 1923 'massacre' of Koreans
The stir caused by a textbook's descriptions of the mass lynching of Koreans following the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake prompts Yokohama's board of education to order schools to collect the books from students.
Aug 21, 2013
Texts alleging forced observance of anthem, flag axed
A Japanese history textbook that takes a critical look at the national anthem and flag controversy has been dropped for use at public high schools in Kanagawa Prefecture starting next school year at the prefectural board of education's request.


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