China started a new school year on Friday with a new textbook for elementary and junior high school students that describes the Senkaku Islands, under Okinawa jurisdiction, and the South China Sea as an integral part of its territory.

The new textbook reflects the hard-line foreign policy of the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping that regards the islets in the East China Sea, claimed as Diaoyu by China and Tiaoyutai by Taiwan, as the country’s core interests, along with other islands.

Past Chinese textbooks treated the Japanese-administered Senkakus as a part of Chinese territory but did not contain much description about them.

The new textbook also changed the trigger for the war with Japan from the Marco Polo Bridge Incident in 1937 to the 1931 Liutiaohu Incident, also known widely as the Mukden Incident and in Japan as the Manchurian Incident.

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