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The United States Air Force's B-21 Raider, the long-range stealth bomber that can be armed with nuclear weapons, rolls onto the runway at Northrop Grumman's site at Air Force Plant 42, during its first flight, in Palmdale, California, on Friday.
WORLD / Politics
Nov 11, 2023
New U.S. stealth nuclear bomber starts flight tests in milestone
The batwing-shaped B-21 Raider is on track for delivery to Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota in the mid-2020s.
The Long March 11, a nuclear-powered submarine in China's navy
Oct 9, 2023
China's next-generation stealth subs raise diplomatic tensions
Evidence suggests that the new vessels will be harder to track, with Beijing getting access to Russian stealth technology.
Japan Times
Oct 15, 2022
Japan to export stealth antennas to India as part of security cooperation
The envisioned export is intended to prompt India to reduce its reliance on Russia for military equipment and boost defense ties between Japan and India.
Japan Times
Jul 19, 2022
South Korea to boost air power by expanding F-35 fighter fleet
Seoul will deploy an additional 20 F-35A stealth fighters by 2028 to further bolster its aerial strike capabilities amid concerns over Pyongyang's growing military prowess.
Japan Times
Jun 2, 2021
Japan eyes deploying F-35A stealth jets to Komatsu base by 2025
The move comes as a bid to boost the country's defense capabilities against airspace incursions by China and Russia.
Japan Times
May 15, 2021
Luxury jet-makers battle over lucrative spy plane niche
From the South China Sea to the Middle East, nations are eyeing 'special mission' business jets capable of looking or listening at potentially lower costs than converted military planes.
Japan Times
Apr 4, 2021
Japan eyes deploying F-35B stealth jets to ASDF base in Miyazaki
Japan's fiscal 2019-2023 midterm defense buildup program has already included a plan to buy 18 F-35B jets and introduce them by fiscal 2023.
Japan Times
Dec 18, 2020
Japan will work with Lockheed Martin on new fighter jet, Defense Ministry says
The Defense Ministry weighed the American aerospace giant's experience in delivering the U.S. military's mainstay F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters when narrowing down potential partners.
Japan Times
Mar 28, 2020
Japan rejecting foreign suitors in favor of homegrown stealth jet, sources say
Japan wants to develop a stealth fighter domestically, rejecting designs from Lockheed Martin Corp. and Boeing Co. in the United States and Britain's BAE Systems PLC, three sources with knowledge of the program said.
Japan Times
Apr 11, 2019
Stealthy, numerous and expensive: Examining the F-35 following ASDF crash off north Japan
The F-35A that crashed into the sea off Aomori Prefecture on Tuesday was one of a growing global fleet of advanced stealth aircraft sold to U.S. allies, and among the first to be assembled in Japan.
Japan Times
Nov 12, 2018
China shows J-20 stealth jet's missiles for the first time at airshow, state-run media says
China has shown the missiles in its advanced J-20 stealth fighter jet to the public for the first time at its largest airshow, the Global Times newspaper reported on Monday.
Japan Times
Aug 16, 2018
Stealth showdown: U.S. F-22s simulate dogfights with Norway's F-35 warplanes
Two U.S. F-22 stealth fighter jets squared off in simulated dogfights with two of Norway's expanding fleet of F-35 aircraft on Wednesday as part of an exercise aimed at strengthening the NATO alliance and increasing its deterrent power.
Japan Times
Jun 19, 2017
Lockheed nears $37 billion-plus multiyear deal to sell F-35 jet to 11 nations, sources say
Lockheed Martin Corp. is in the final stages of negotiating a deal worth more than $37 billion to sell a record 440 F-35 fighter jets to a group of 11 nations, including the United States, two people familiar with the talks said.
Japan Times
Jan 25, 2017
Pakistan tests new nuclear-capable, multiple-warhead ballistic missile
Pakistan on Tuesday tested a missile capable of delivering multiple warheads to a target up to 2,200 km away, the Defense Ministry said.
Japan Times
Apr 22, 2016
Japan becomes fourth nation to test-fly homegrown stealth jet
The Defense Ministry says the unarmed prototype, called X2, took off from Nagoya airport in Aichi Prefecture early on Friday.
Japan Times
Mar 21, 2016
Japan backs homegrown stealth jet in aerospace industry revival
Japan is set to become the fourth country to test-fly its own stealth jet — a move that is likely to increase its military presence in the region.
Mar 13, 2016
Delivery of Japan stealth jet prototype likely to be delayed
A prototype of Japan's first stealth fighter jet is unlikely to be ready to ship by the end-of-March deadline due to delays in the flight testing schedule, sources close to the Defense Ministry said Sunday.
Japan Times
Jan 28, 2016
Japan unveils first homegrown stealth fighter prototype
A prototype of the first Japan-made stealth fighter was unveiled to the media Thursday at a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. factory in central Japan.
Jan 26, 2016
Russia learns stealth warplanes are hard to do
While the U.S. is building up its fleet of stealth warplanes, financial circumstances have prompted Russia to buy greater numbers of cheaper, non-stealthy jet fighters.
Jan 22, 2016
U.S. deploys F-22 fighters to Yokota base in Japan
The U.S. Air Force has flown 14 F-22 stealth fighters to Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo, the Japanese Defense Ministry said Friday.


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