Spread of COVID-19 casts shadow over Japan's <I>shuntō</I> wage talks

Business Feb 20, 2020

Spread of COVID-19 casts shadow over Japan's shuntō wage talks

The widening outbreak of the new coronavirus originating in China has started to affect annual shuntō wage negotiations. Tougher wage talks are expected this year, with management increasingly cautious about agreeing to pay hikes amid growing concerns over corporate performance. The Japanese Trade Union Confederation, or ...

Editorials Mar 24, 2018

Insufficient wage gains

Companies should share more of their earnings with employees as a strategic investment in manpower that supports their future business.

Business Oct 6, 2017

Rengo to demand 2% pay hike at spring wage negotiations

The Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) will request a pay scale increase for the fifth straight year during the 2018 shunto spring labor-management wage negotiations, according to sources. Rengo, the nation's largest labor federation, is expected to call for a pay scale hike of ...