World / Politics Apr 10, 2019

In a first, French MPs trigger referendum on privatizing Paris airports

French opposition MPs and senators claimed a victory for democracy Wednesday after using a little-known constitutional article to try to trigger a referendum on the government's controversial plans to privatize Paris' airports. In a rare display of non-partisanship, lawmakers straddling the spectrum from the far ...

Editorials Nov 24, 2015

Can privatization turn KIA around?

The sale of the rights to run Kansai International Airport to a private consortium could serve as a role model for other money-losing public-infrastructure operations if efficiency and profitability improves.

Business Nov 2, 2015

Japan Post's IPO a decade in the making

The opening of sales Wednesday of shares in Japan Post, whose origins date back to 1871, has been a decade in the making. The initial public offering will make it the biggest IPO in the world this year — the biggest, in fact, since Alibaba ...

Aichi city nixes 'Tsutaya Library' project amid public opposition

National Oct 21, 2015

Aichi city nixes 'Tsutaya Library' project amid public opposition

The city of Komaki, Aichi Prefecture, has officially scrapped a plan to build a next-generation public library in collaboration with video rental giant Tsutaya after the majority of its residents voted it down in a referendum earlier this month. The city announced Tuesday that it ...

JR Kyushu to be fully privatized in fiscal 2016

Business / Corporate Feb 27, 2015

JR Kyushu to be fully privatized in fiscal 2016

The government decided Friday to put Kyushu Railway Co. under full private ownership in fiscal 2016. The government decided to pursue full privatization because JR Kyushu has achieved good business results in the fields of real estate and hotels, the officials said. JR Kyushu is one ...